Chronicles of the Heart

Book One of the Chronicles of the Heart Series: Capturing a Countess’ Heart is now available on Kindle Unlimited!

Lady Charlotte Ashbury, a peeress in her own right, inherits a bankrupt estate. Even though she works tirelessly for all those whom depend on her she must relinquish any dream she had of finding love and accept a marriage of convenience to save her earldom.

The only wrinkle in her meticulous plan is the return of her childhood friend, Matthew Harrington. After five years abroad trying to prove he’s more than his brother’s heir to an earldom, he proclaims himself the judge of all of Charlotte’s potential suitors. His insufferable interference leads to an inevitable kiss and blazing passion barely contained by friendship or propriety.

Charlotte struggles with her attraction, refusing to be another of Matthew’s adventures. When her reputation is compromised, and there is a duke at her heels bent on revenge, only Matthew can help. Charlotte is forced to make her toughest decision yet. If Matthew can become the man she needs to save her earldom, can she find the courage to let him into her heart and capture it forever?

Book Two: The Earl Who Won My Heart is in its writing phase…I’m having so much fun writing the story of how The Earl and Countess of Westcott save their marriage.

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