Reviews Are Fascinating!

Reviews are a great way to receive feedback on your writing and what you’re publishing. They also remind you to remain true to the vision you have for your characters and books, because you can’t please everyone and everyone will always have an opinion. There are reviews that show how your hard work has created a novel which resonates with readers:

And, there are reviews that show misunderstanding or misreading of your characters and latch on to the negative. How do you react? Do you let it pass and let the other 5-star reviews speak for your book? See examples below:

I enjoy writing about flawed characters whom struggle to find their Happily Ever After. I like to explore the ins and outs of characters whom are imperfect, and through their journey of self-discovery, they see where they’ve erred, they atone for their sins and they too can find happiness. My reviewer seemed to fail in noticing that Matthew was celibate for years because he discovered the emptiness of mindless sexual relationships. And, as for cheating husbands in my next book, they existed in the regency era (and, still do today)…but what happens when a marriage can be saved? How can it be saved and made better by growing and learning from past mistakes? This for me is far more interesting. But, I see it is not for everyone.

Then, there are the other reviews. Short, sweet and encouraging that not all of my readers are turned off by stories of the flawed.

All reviews help me to continue on my path as I strengthen my writing and create stories that both challenge and sweep readers off their feet. And, in the end, criticism is only meant to help us grow.

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How do you take both the positive and not-so-positive reviews that come your way?


Author: Caryn Emme

Author of Capturing a Countess' Heart. On a yoga and spiritual journey. Married to my love at first sight and mama to two. Lover of all things romantic.

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